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Book Cart with FREE BOOKS in Huguenot 140!

Welcome back, students! The Spring Semester is here! If you find yourself in Huguenot 140 on the New Rochelle Campus, and are looking for a book to read–look no further!

Come by the offices and select a book or two or three! The books are FREE and can either be kept or returned depending on your preference.

Have suggestions for types of books you’d like to see more of on the cart? Let us know, and we’ll stock more books that you like!

Hope to see you soon!

Student Art

Class HN-243-72H: The World of Modern Art with Rebecca Mills

Jocelyn Reeves-Wright

Journey for Fantasia

Legends of Ryo

Rajeive Walker

Shelly-Ann Leslie


Contest Winners

Winter Writing Contest 2016

1st Place:

“The Freeze”  by Josue Ventura

2nd Place:

“The Fall” by Kimberly Melendez

3rd Place:

“The Beast” by Timothy Spinella


Student Writing

Student Writing Submissions

Jocelyn Reeves-Wright

Joseph Muschette

Linn Siljebo

Nelson Rodriguez

Pamela Garcia

Rico Neely

Tiajah Smith

Tyler Mascio

Tyvaughn Bedford

What Students are Reading

What Students are Reading


The Selection by Kiera Cass

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Shelly-Ann Leslie




By Pamela Garcia

He felt it; the rage within was overpowering. Red and black, the view from the eyes of a wild beast. Blink. Still there. Try again, holding his eyes shut for a bit longer this time. Blinding when they open again and that red is brighter. He can’t seem to shake it. But the fear… that fear that used to flutter when these thoughts ruled his mind were gone. These colors conflicted the consequences of his actions. Nothing mattered but the yelling that set off this darkness.

Blind and deaf. He couldn’t feel anything but the overpowering rage.

This time everything felt different. This time he wouldn’t take it anymore. This time he wouldn’t hide. This time, he let the beast free and let the cage disappear in thin air, as if it had never existed in the first place.

Wild. Free. Powerful. This roller-coaster of feelings finally reaching their highest point. The sky felt so close as the warmth splattered from her body and hugged his skin like an old friend reunited. He could feel his strength striding up and down his arms denying her claims on past words exposed. He didn’t know how much he needed this moment and how exhilarating it would feel when it finally presented itself dripping from his hands. So swift are his movements that he cannot feel the weight of his accomplice.

His ears enjoy the music now coming from her mouth, a song he didn’t expect to appreciate and absorb as if trying to enclose it in his mind for days to come. The ride races down as the screams have transformed into a release of pleas and finally a heavy breath is exposed as we reach the finale of the game. A beautiful gift of silence. Eternal silence. Nothing more would come from those lips that had taunted his ears and mind time and time again. Her words had finally been erased as pleasure and the most profound happiness appeared on his face.

So he sat, for hours enjoying and admiring her face, noticing what he hadn’t since the moment he set his eyes on hers; Beauty. He glared until his eyes closed for hours and hours. The eyes that had missed resting in dreams of clouds, sank in beautiful memories and future days to come. Days of rain on the roof of the cabin he loved by the river where he could bathe his monsters and sit to enjoy their company on the chair by the fire that blazed under the pictures of his red collection.

Pamela Garcia is a freshman here at Monroe College.

The newest from Shelly-Ann Leslie.


By Tyvaughn Bedford

Like any other day in California, I woke up to a great warm breakfast from my housekeeper. I’m always very amiable towards her as I am grateful for her services. She performs her duties with such alacrity and precision. These are a few reasons why she is being paid 1K an hour. I look at her as a part of the Bedford family. She’s been around for years and serves as a mother figure to my son, Kenpachi.

Always with my best interests at heart my housekeeper makes certain the meals prepared are not exceedingly  high in calories, for my son is dealing with his gluttony problem. Kenpachi is overweight for his age and is often teased by the other kids at Hogwarts High. I talk to my son and encourage him to ignore bullies and to exercise. I tend to use our billion dollar wealth as leverage to lighten Kenpachi’s heart, but what really gets him smiling is the empathy shown by our housekeeper. She just has that motherly warming touch that forsakes Kenpachi to not pursue his goal of losing weight. She has even gone as far out of the confines of her daily tasks to contact the school and board of administration to inhibit these acts of bullying. Her actions since then have paid off, for over the course of time and careful meal planning, Kenpachi has lost a significant amount of weight. The bullying from the other kids will result in their expulsion.


Tyvaughn Bedford is a freshman Business Administration student on the New Rochelle campus of Monroe College.

The Selection by Kiera Cass

Book: The Selection by Kiera Cass 

“It’s a really good, interesting book! It shows you the difference between (social) classes…. There are levels of class, level 7 means you’re really poor and levels 4 to 5 means you’re really high class…it shows you that different people get treated in different ways. -Eli, Culinary Arts Major, Freshman 

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