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December 2016

I’d Like to Thank My Laptop

By Nelson Rodriguez

Working with my group was the best experience EVER! Not only did 60% of them never show up, but I also had to come up with the idea all by myself, well with the small help from one person of course. I will never forget how this other individual showed up last second and clutched his slides out and thought it was all good. In fact, I loved how we all individually did our own parts instead of sharing our ideas with each other, because you know, teamwork makes the dreamwork. I just loved every single moment of procrastination, because waiting for nothing is the best way to get things done. For extra credit, I decided to form a team where everyone could become better slackers. The name of this team is “Lounge-Lizard” and our motto is “We are too lazy to stop being lazy”. Why should people be forced to do work in college? Work is overrated and should be banned in every college across the United States. In fact, work is time consuming.

To be completely honest, I would love to do this again, but this time, don’t group me with all the hard working people because that’s boring. Instead, I want to get grouped with all the slackers in the class. Who wouldn’t want to stress people to do their work 24/7, isn’t that what college is all about? But on a serious note, I would like to thank all the people that helped me during this presentation: My laptop for always being there for me, my notes for always being a reference, my writing utensils for always being on point, and most of all, H2O because who doesn’t like water, right?

Nelson Rodriguez is a Freshman criminal justice major at Monroe College in New Rochelle, New York.



The Beast-Winter Contest 2016 3rd Place

3rd Place Winter Contest 2016

By Timothy Spinella

The Beast

So I am known as The Snow Beast when winter is involved. If anyone gets snowed in my phone is ringing off the hook. Sometimes, when this starts I don’t even want to answer but I know I have to get out there and start shoveling.

Well, I know the money is good no matter if I’m working for myself or Big John. I know my pockets will be full at the end of the day. If I’m working with Big John, I’m usually in a payloader plowing parking lots. I honestly like doing that because it’s a lot more money and not as much back-breaking work. If I’m working by myself I’m usually going from house to house with my friends in The Beast. I usually man the snow blower and the hundred dollar bills start flying. Sometimes when people see how easy I make the job look they can’t resist asking how much for my services, and I can’t wait to hear them say, “Do it.” If I’m on one of my usual calls I know I’ll be getting five to six jobs out of that one phone call. I also know that it will be six to seven hundred dollars in my pocket. Just while doing all of this we like to have a lot of fun, so we go drifting and have lots of snowball fights. At the end of the day I know when the white falls from the sky the money is falling with the snow.

Timothy Spinella is a Freshman culinary arts student at Monroe College in New Rochelle, New York.



The Fall-Winter Contest 2016 Runner-Up

Runner-Up Winter Contest 2016

By Kimberly Melendez

The Fall

              I loved the fall. It was the perfect time to wear cute sweaters and boots that you did not have to hide under heavy coats. Everyone would walk outside comfortably. That was the best. When winter came I was somewhat happy because my favorite Christmas movies were on and my aunt made the best hot chocolate.

I despised the snow. One reason being, my brothers were idiots and played too rough. They’d push or tackle me into piles of snow, or even ice. I’d have snow in places it should not be or they’d tag team and attack me with snowballs. As much as I tried to enjoy the winter I just hated the struggle of walking through piles of snow, my toes turning into icicles and my nose constantly running. Just to my luck, my parents made me attend their snowboarding outing. I was looking forward to staying home in the comfort of the heat warming my house. I was extremely angry the whole ride to the park. When we got there I tried to get in good spirits, since everyone seemed excited. So I carried the snowboard to the top of the hill and prepared to go down. I put my feet down and took off.

For a second I was enjoying myself until the guy in front of me stopped and we collided. His butt was nearly touching my face. The only thing keeping my nose out of his crack was a pile of snow. Infuriated, I got up and walked off the scene. After about five minutes of walking, I stopped and realized I had no idea where I was. I shouted out, “Hello? Help!” For a moment there was silence, until I heard a sudden, “Hello there.” I gasped and quickly turned around.

It was a snowman. My eyes were about to fall out of my head. I walked over in amazement to touch the snowman. He said, “Careful, don’t’ kill me.”

I was excited and scared. “Bu, buut, you’re a, and you ta…”

He responds, “Yeah, yeah, now you know.” He then asked me why I was such a downer when it came to winter. I had no response and just walked away again, angered.

“Stop,” he said. “What if I told you that an hour with me is all you need to bring your spirit up?”

“Bet I’ll still hate winter,” I responded.

“We’ll see.”

So we began by making snowballs and he taught me how to secretly attack my brothers. Next, he taught me how to steer my snowboard and even a few tricks. It took me almost 100 attempts before getting it right. It was really fun once I got the hang of it. Lastly, we went down a huge hill on sleds. That was the funniest thing we did. Suddenly I began to love the snow and fun things to do.

“I’d better get back.”

He then asked, “Do you enjoy winter?”

I hated to admit it, but I dd. “Thank you. You brought me to good spirits.”

I began to walk back and as I turned I noticed the snowman was saddened that I’d be leaving. He stood looking out at the mountains and I looked around and began to think maybe he needed a friend. So I began to build him a friend. Finally, I finished and the snowman I built began to shake, he didn’t say anything because he was missing a mouth. I dug for stones and made a mouth, and in relief the snowman sighed. I told him that he had a friend waiting for him. I shared my spirit and did a good deed for someone who did one for me.

Kimberly Melendez is a Freshman criminal justice major at Monroe College in New Rochelle, New York.

The Freeze-Winter Contest Winner 2016

Winter 2016 Contest Winner

By Josue Ventura

The Freeze

Winter has always been a fun time of year, until that tragic year that the freeze happened. It was November, and people had just finished celebrating Thanksgiving. People were early Christmas shopping and putting up their trees. Completely oblivious to what was going to come.

As Christmas came closer it started to snow more and more. It was Christmas Eve and most of America was in bed waiting to wake up to a joyful time. It all started on the West Coast. People noticed the extreme cold and turned on the heat, trying to stay warm. Then it hit out of nowhere—the freeze. A wave of frozen cold, so cold it was able to freeze a person caught in it. It was so cold it shattered glass that wasn’t more than an inch thick. The freeze was said to be -120c. The walls were the only thing being able to protect you. The freeze consumed anything in the open. It froze any moving thing in seconds. California was covered in snows and freezing temperature. Millions died due to the freeze coming and going. The U.S. was the New Antarctica, cold and snowy 24/7. After a few weeks people started to walk on the outside. The freeze was so strong even having 10 winter jackets on with a heater next to you wouldn’t protect you if you were hit directly by the freeze. There were times you could go out and find help, but once a silence hit and you heard the air being sucked from around you then you knew you must get into cover. The people to the East were lucky, unlike the people from the West. Many froze to death and even more locked in their homes wondering if rescue would come.

It had been a month since the freeze had struck America and now it’s all a frozen wasteland. Cars frozen to the point that nothing works, people starving to death or running out of food. The Southern states had a higher rate of rescue. Being so close to Mexico people traveled and made it. People in the Northern states didn’t have that option. Trying to travel would lead to their death. But people still tried and suffered the fate that followed. The rest of the world was in shock as this superpower came crumbling down. America’s brothers to the North and South were having huge issues with people trying to come in. They stopped admitting people without passports.

It took six months for every state to be thawed enough for life to resume. Even then the Congress and government was gone. The Pentagon was gone and the Supreme Court hadn’t made it. Neither did our new president. President Trumps’ Air Force One went down somewhere in Minnesota. Slowly people made their way back to try and see what was left of their past homes. Most didn’t even want to go back, scared and afraid it might happen again. After a near death experience, most people/former Americans had the same feeling. Ever since the freeze struck America has never been the same.

Josue Ventura is a Freshman culinary arts student at Monroe College in New Rochelle, New York.


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