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February 2017

Emily Dickinson

Monroe student Rico Neely describes his relationship to Emily Dickinson’s work, then shares a poem in her style.

By Rico Neely

In the poems by Emily Dickinson, she expresses the way she feels by using code-like language, comparing what was happening to her to something everyone could’ve related with. Just like Ms. Dickinson, I too feel as though there can always be something much deeper than the average eye can see, than the average mind can fathom. In writing her poetry, her punctuations- the use of dashes- are heavily questioned; could it be grammatical ignorance, is it a point to prove, or is it simply a habit? After reviewing her life, I can confidently say that we all have an Emily Dickinson inside ourselves in some way shape or form. Even the most introverted individual can realize that they can relate with her. Being known for always wearing white clothes, this woman that was often overlooked, kept heavy thoughts, and looked at life from a different perspective. Emily Dickinson is that part of us that we let seep out every once in a while, however no one would ever have a clue.


Emily Dickinson Inspired Poem- A Silent Cry for Freedom

By Rico Neely

The red rose- it cripples in the wind.
Crying to be freed from the environment it is held hostage in- the bumble bees and ants ignore its desperate cry for freedom-
And rape it of it riches- one by one.

The remedy to the cry- a being dressed in black-
Standing tall- adjacent to the being dressed in all white-
Darkness and purity-
They both mumble silently to themselves- a prayer.
A prayer for death- A prayer for life.

The wind halts- everything halts.
Divine peace-
Death. The screaming Field lies exhausted from the extreme mutilation and abuse-
At peace, alas-
They couldn’t see to see.


Legend of Ryo

By Max Nieves

Story Synopsis

16-year-old Ryo, his older brother Kyo, and younger sister Mayu are separated when they are transported to another world. Ryo begins his search for his family, but many obstacles such as magical beasts, assassins, and other supernatural events block Ryo’s path. However, Ryo must find his family before an unimaginable evil finds them first.


Minami’s Library


A lonely warrior rests in her tower before her next assignment. She spends her time admiring the many wonders of the world that she reads about in her books. However, she secretly wishes that perhaps one day she can go see these wonders in person.


Minami the Teacher


After a fierce battle, Ryo and company take a long rest in town to heal. Minami is offered an opportunity to teach in a small school. Minami decides to take on this challenge in order to teach Yuuki she can live a normal life like any other child.

Minami and Ryo


After sharing their feelings with one another, Minami closes her eyes and prepares herself mentally. However, Ryo sees this as a perfect opportunity to tease Minami, which he will soon regret.

Rajkumari Roy: Artist

Rajkumari Roy is a talented Honors student here at Monroe College. If you like what you see below, make sure to check out her webpage and Instagram:







Turkish Woman



Coffee House February 6th: Black History Month

“Black History Month is a social construct I will not conform to because it does not define who I am.”

“For Black History Month it is great to celebrate what we have done. But let’s not forget we still have a lot more to work on if we want to be equal.”

“No more Black History Month. Just speaking during the discussion I was given many evil looks even though I am mixed. (I look white) There are so many other races that went through similar or worse situations. Why do the blacks just get a month?”

“I think discussions like this help us unite not only us as a community, but us as a people. This program is something I’ll always come to when I can.”

“Engaging and insightful meeting. It raised awareness of the importance of black history!”

“Today’s discussion was very eye-opening and gave me more insight on my own history.”

“I believe this discussion was effective. I like how open and inviting it was.”


Journey for Fantasia

By Max Nieves

Story Synopsis

Queen Yennefer of the Kingdom of Mavrickus has gone missing. The kingdom’s bravest knight, Madelyn, has been tasked to find her. Madelyn has been given an ancient artifact to aide her in the search, but must first find a powerful magician who can use it. Madelyn’s search will require her to overcome many trials and tribulations in order to find her queen, and discover the true meaning for her disappearance.

Journey for Fantasia: Juliess and the Journey for Peace


A retired hero travels the land in order to find her purpose in life without war. She meets with new friends and discovers new places, but must confront her past before being able to truly move on.

Journey for Fantasia: Madelyn at the Final Battle


Madelyn has spent her entire life suppressing her strength, but now she must shatter her limits to protect the one she loves.


Max Nieves is an Education Major here at Monroe College. The Journey for Fantasia is an ongoing series. More of his world will be posted soon!

Class HN-243-72H: The World of Modern Art with Rebecca Mills

Class led by Professor Rebecca Mills

Assignment: Students were instructed to create a work of art based on the prompt “Time of Day”.

Artist: Bryan Diaz


Description: A trip to one of the most well-known forests in the world. Also the biggest.

“Present Time”
Artist: Teliah Paige-Gaston


Description: A sunrise, with water and mountains. Nature.

“Windy Day”
Artist: Rajkumari Roy


Description: I tried to capture the cold, the edges of the wind, and a cold New York day. Cubist, a chicken, flowing lines.

“18.1539° N, 98.3869° W”
Artist: Nancy Ramirez


Description: The hidden mountain in the painting is the only mountain, la peña, in the town of Huehuepiaxtla, Mexico.

“The Kitchen”
Artist: Gianna Aquino


Description: I spend most of the day in the kitchen. Cabinets, sinks. Nothing in the kitchen goes smoothly.

“The Unknown”
Artist: Ameia Peters


Description: An orange sunset, mixing colors.

“Alice in Wonderland”
Artist: Keyana Aldridge

Description: Wonderland, the beginning of spring, bright colors, and butterflies.

“Something Abstract But Not Ice Cream”
Artist: Linna Linn


Description: A showcase of the things I see in my daily routine.

“A Perspective of Space”
Levon Beccan

Description: This is how outer space looks.

Artist: Jaianna Johnson


Description: The sun is setting, the moon comes out, coexisting in the sky.

“Sun in Bloom”
Lex Martin


Description: It’s a spring day, with the flowers looking at the sun.

Anjelica Simaoanjelica

Description: A crazy day at the airport, planes are being diverted.

“Setting Passions”
Kerianne Vaz

Description: Isolated moment of a setting sun on the beach.



Not pictured: Angel Jimenez and Ariana Joy Songsong


January 31st: Fan Poems

Present: Joseph Muschette, Jasmine Jerkins, Gianna Aquino, Angel Jimenez, Malique Henry, and Javon Fowler


Poem 1: Candleism

I like baked cookies.

An octopus has eight tentacles.

It was as hot as a summer’s day.

In a world of darkness is anything certain?

Too many lights to see the stars, I dream of somewhere far.

This is known as Candleism.

Sometimes you wake up dead.


Poem 2: Driving Will

Her skin reminds me of constellations at night.

My Band-Aid is on my thumb.

A pencil in Spanish is lapiz.

When you’re asleep you are not awake.

A driving will that will push you forward.


Poem 3: A Vial of Hope

If you wax the candlestick, the candle is wax.

Her hair burns like the brightest of fires.

The dog named Lambo ate cheese.

A male seahorse is the one who gets pregnant.

When you are wet you are not dry.

A vial of hope is all you need.


Poem 4: Seriously

I talk with a melody and walk with beats.

Once you wax the candle, the candlestick is waxed.

Her eyes are like the deepest of oceans.

My friend the alien eats fish.

A peanut is part of the bean family.

When it’s not day it’s night.

Nothing can be taken seriously.


Poem 5:  Flower

A starfish has five arms that can grow back.

I remember as if it were yesterday.

A cliff of uncertainty looms.

I see my name in lights I just hope it aint a typo.

The candlestick’s potential, is to be waxed a lot.

She is my most treasured flower.


Poem 6: Peaches

It hurt looking at her.

An undying fire burns bright.

The only way out is through.

The candlestick to its fullest burning potential.

Her cheeks are like the brightest peaches.



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