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April 2017

Book Cart with FREE BOOKS in Huguenot 140!

Welcome back, students! The Spring Semester is here! If you find yourself in Huguenot 140 on the New Rochelle Campus, and are looking for a book to read–look no further!

Come by the offices and select a book or two or three! The books are FREE and can either be kept or returned depending on your preference.

Have suggestions for types of books you’d like to see more of on the cart? Let us know, and we’ll stock more books that you like!

Hope to see you soon!


Student Art

Class HN-243-72H: The World of Modern Art with Rebecca Mills

Analyis Rodriguez

Benedicto Santana

Jocelyn Reeves-Wright

Journey for Fantasia

Legends of Ryo

Linna Lin

Rajeive Walker

Rajkumari Roy

Shelly-Ann Leslie


Contest Winners

Fall Writing Contest 2017

1st Place: The Connotation of Community Service by Nathalie Waldschmidt

2nd Place:  What Does Community Service Mean to You? by Jeanie Farris

3rd Place: The Help by Chantel Bunting

4th Place:  There is No Peace by Thapelo Makophane

Winter Writing Contest 2016

1st Place: “The Freeze”  by Josue Ventura

2nd Place: “The Fall” by Kimberly Melendez

3rd Place:“The Beast” by Timothy Spinella


Student Writing

Student Writing Submissions

Jocelyn Reeves-Wright

Joseph Muschette

Keymal Williams

Linn Siljebo

Nelson Rodriguez

Pamela Garcia

Rico Neely

Tiajah Smith

Tyler Mascio

Tyvaughn Bedford

What Students are Reading

What Students are Reading


The Selection by Kiera Cass

The Writing Club

Join the Writing Club!

January 31st: Fan Poems

Coffee House Hot Topics

Coffee House 2017

Coffee House January 31st: Immigration Ban

Coffee House February 6th: Black History Month

Coffee House February 27th: Parenting

Coffee House 2016

Coffee House July 11th: How Soon is Too Soon?

Coffee House July 19th: Black Lives or All Lives?

Coffee House October 3rd: Which Gender Makes Better Leaders?

Coffee House October 17th: This is Not Antz

Coffee House November 7th: Ethel Has Gotta Go

Coffee House November 15th: Would You Support Your Transgender Child?



Shelly-Ann Leslie


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