City of New Rochelle to Host on Art & Technology Event this Weekend

 As part of the work underway to create a thriving arts and technology culture in downtown New Rochelle, the city is presenting a two-day event this weekend to bring together artists, technologists, and other creative visionaries for a series of classes, workshops, talks, performances, and celebratory activities.

Named The Spectral Event, this unique event next Saturday and Sunday will showcase the role that art, technology, and new media can play in strengthening future communities. The city has invited a number of creative leaders in the fields of creative technology, interactive media, design, urban planning, data science, and the virtual and augmented reality space to lead the various conversations. Monroe College is proud to serve as a sponsor and host for some of the workshops and sessions.

While there is a fee to participate, INTERESTED STUDENTS MAY RECEIVE COMPLIMENTARY ADMISSION  by contacting Dean Carol Genese at (or just drop by the Academic Center in Main Hall).

The New Rochelle Public Library will host keynote addresses both days at 10:30 am and 4:00 pm; these talks are open to the public (no charge).

Interested students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to check out the planned activities.



The Spectral Event