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Monroe Open Mic and Art Exhibit: March 8th, 2017

Last night The Monroe Art Collaborative and the Poetry Club held an amazing event at the Barnes and Noble on the New Rochelle campus! All the participants were eloquent and read from their hearts. Additionally, artist Rajkumari Roy displayed her artwork! It was a pleasure seeing all the creativity in the room! Take a look at the pictures below! More events to come!

We had eighteen budding artists share their work!


Christopher reading a winning poem.
Rajkumari Roy with two of her pieces of artwork.


We all enjoyed delicious pizza, and four students received gift certificates for their readings! A successful night for all!


Coffee House February 27th: Parenting

“Children are 100% a product of their surroundings. Parents need a test as a couple to determine if they should be legally allowed to be a parent. The test should involve income, education, and even the compatibility of the two parents as a couple.”

“Parents should not have kids if they are not able to raise them.”

“You are a product of your surroundings. You can’t choose your parents, but you can choose your path in life.”

“I have the power within to be an exception! God bless!”

“You can’t run away from the life you were made to live.”

Coffee House February 6th: Black History Month

“Black History Month is a social construct I will not conform to because it does not define who I am.”

“For Black History Month it is great to celebrate what we have done. But let’s not forget we still have a lot more to work on if we want to be equal.”

“No more Black History Month. Just speaking during the discussion I was given many evil looks even though I am mixed. (I look white) There are so many other races that went through similar or worse situations. Why do the blacks just get a month?”

“I think discussions like this help us unite not only us as a community, but us as a people. This program is something I’ll always come to when I can.”

“Engaging and insightful meeting. It raised awareness of the importance of black history!”

“Today’s discussion was very eye-opening and gave me more insight on my own history.”

“I believe this discussion was effective. I like how open and inviting it was.”


Coffee House January 31st: Immigration Ban

“Not everyone is bad. We need to deal with things at home before we expand.”

“Bombs are made by people to kill people.”

“Don’t walk in the dirt before you put on your shoes.”

“The executive order was too soon. Solve the small problems first.”

“We need to fight the government.”

“People just need to be open-minded.”

“Knowledge is power. Ignorance is bliss. America needs to shine light on what’s right.”

“We should stop the idea of perpetuating hate, it only facilitates the perfect environment to make things change for the worse.”

“I’m an immigrant. I can’t imagine the ban being put on my country. Good topic!”

“Make America great again! Let us as people united try to deport Trump himself!”

“Politics are so much of a strong social issue but I don’t know if the subject is good for this kind of setting.”

“We don’t need to judge an action just because it comes for one specific person. Regardless of our feelings, we should be able to think reasonably and not think in black and white.”

“I feel that history repeats itself in new and inventive ways that we have to deal with.”

Join the Writing Club!

Students Joe Muschette and Gianna Aquino are starting up the Tuesday night writing club for this semester! To join, please contact Joe at: or Gianna at:


Whether you like writing or kind of like writing, we invite you to join our club! Together, we’ll develop some new stories, poems, creative writing activities, etc. It will all be fun, exciting, and you can make new friends along the way! Some sample activities include:

Creating thriller short stories

Writing shape poems that can be displayed around campus

Putting together stories made by your peers

Participating in Poem Week

Journal Decorating and a whole lot more


Coffee House November 14th: Would You Accept Your Transgender Child?

“I would accept them. They are the same person I knew.”

“I’m not going to judge them, but I’m not going to support them.”

“I would get them help.”

“I would feel uncomfortable, but I would get over it because they would be depressed the rest of their lives being who they don’t want to be.”

“I would tell a 12 or 13-year-old to hold off a little bit to get more information.”

“I would give them love as a parent but I wouldn’t support them.”

“These things happen. This is life.”

“My biggest concern would be the health of the child.”

“I don’t want kids, but I’m intrigued by everyone’s opinion.”

“It’s human nature to be uncomfortable.”

“Who am I to hate someone for being who they want to be?”

“Who a person loves shouldn’t offend others. Your mindset is the problem.”

“I accept people for who they are. If you are happy, then let it be. Don’t let anyone tell you anything but that you are beautiful.”

“Some people are just ignorant. Children should be allowed to be transgendered, but maybe not quite transsexual until a few years after puberty. In the bathroom, gender should never be an issue. In the locker room, it comes with some form of self-confidence to change in front of everyone. There should be gender fluid bathrooms as well as locker rooms because gender is not important.”

Coffee House November 7th: Ethel Has Gotta Go

Topics Discussed:

Utilitarianism–The belief that a morally good action is one that helps the greatest number of people (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

What is the “greater good”? Is the death penalty moral?

Would you divert a train full of children away from impending doom if it meant killing Ethel, a 44-year-old mother of two instead?

Student Quotes:

“Ethel’s gotta go.”

“If someone killed your mom, would you want that person to be alive?”

“I strongly agree with the death penalty.”

“You don’t have the right to kill anyone.”

“I think when you are spiritually in a place where you know how life can turn out, you won’t want to take a life for a life.”

“Who am I to take a life away from someone?”

“Do unto others what others do unto you.”

“I have to smoke them before they smoke me.”

“It’s like an endless circle of violence.”

“With the death penalty, innocent people have been put to death.”

“A suicide bomber–his right is our wrong.”

“The death penalty should be assessed based on age and what they did.”

“We should be able to take a life if necessary.”

“Justify the actions of a person that is willing to kill themselves and you would never put at peace the cycle of death.”

“I believe in the death penalty. From the age of eight and up you have to get punishment for your actions.”

“No one is entitled to take a life.”

“No human has the right to take the life of another human. In the instance where the eleven-year-old is a terrorist, he should be killed because he is putting other people’s lives at risk.”

“The only person allowed to take someone’s life is the person who gave it in the first place–God.”

“I believe that this topic can be too emotional to come to a precise decision. There are many factors and scenarios that come into play that change someone’s mind along the duration of a conversation.”

“I am not for the death penalty, no one life is greater than the next. No one on this Earth should be granted to take a life because someone took a life. It does not make it right and the situations wouldn’t become any better if you killed someone.”

“No, I do not agree with the death penalty. I believe in torture rather than the easy way out.”

“There is nothing more valuable than a life. That’s why killing is not right and no one has the right to take a life.”

“Everything in life is subjective. Nothing is ever black and white. Judging a minor on the same premise as an adult is utterly ridiculous. What is fair is not necessarily just or even equal. You should not expect to punish a child the same as an adult, regardless of the crime. It’s just not right.”

“The death penalty is a reasonable exercise, but the justice system is so destroyed that they shouldn’t give the death penalty.”



Coffee House October 17th: This is Not Antz

“We’re not from the movie Antz where we are born and placed with a soldier hat to be a solider when we get bigger, or an axe to lead us to becoming a worker.”

“I feel like guys are raised to be programmed to be ‘tough’. They often forget that they are human, too, and need protection. They aren’t robots, they still need to be treated as humans.”

“Women are better than men–period. We can do the same things men can do. It doesn’t matter what men can do. Women can be the better influence.”

“Domination isn’t defined by your gender but by your individuality.”

“Anyone is capable of having a label, but only a few will be able to break them.”

“Women should not get too big of an ego.”

“I believe that we should be the new voice of thought and forget the old, within reason.”

“At the end of the day, men can’t do anything without a woman.”

“My mom is a man, so to speak.”

“Being a man is respecting women.”

“The people who raised you are who you will become.”

“You are what you think you are.”

“I’m not going to limit myself by my gender.”


Coffee House October 3rd: Which Gender Makes Better Leaders?

“Men are depicted to be better leaders in society, however, women are dominating due to the fact that men are caught up in the wrong things. Statistics show that more women are attending college than men, so women are more educated.”

“After the discussion I got the impression that females cannot be leaders because of their gender. I feel this is very biased and untrue.”

“According to the males in our group discussion, males are better leaders. There was no evidence, just opinions. Women I consider to be the better leaders. They lead to view both sides, not just one.”

“The discussion was good. I enjoyed everyone’s different opinions and thoughts.”

“Men are better leaders, but sure why not give it a try! :-)”

“The discussion was important because we got into the minds of the opposite sex.”

“Really interesting. Men and women should be treated as equals.”


Coffee House Hot Topics: Black Lives or All Lives?

“It was hard. We are all different and it hurts us all. On a different level we are all different and we will always be different.”

“I feel like at any given time a #Hispaniclivesmatter can be started but it just depends on what is happening socially at the time. It’s common sense that All Lives Matter, some just matter more at a certain time. #Alllivesmatter is to an extent taking away from the #Blacklivesmatter movement, but as we said tonight it all depends on the motivecoffee house two three behind a specific person that backs up #Alllivesmatter. #Minoritiesandlivestylesmatter would probably be better than using the word “all”.

“They should dig deeper on factual evidence.”

“Black lives matter but all lives matter too at the end of the day. Not everyone will agree on every movement. People will always have concurring opinions and differences.”

“In my opinion I don’t think anything is going to change if we continue to be peaceful. We have been peaceful too long with barely any change.”


“Be the change you want to see in others.”

“Killing is wrong in any way.”


“Black lives matter because they have and always will be a target to the community.”

“Black lives matter and I feel like that is the issue at hand and needs to be focused on. All lives matter but we have a bigger issue right now.”

“All lives matter, no culture or minority should be treated differently.”

“Black lives matter should be addressed on a bigger scale.”

“In my own thoughts I believe humanity matters. We should preserve our humanity in others to realize the importance of a human life.”

Coffee House July 11th: How Soon is Too Soon?

What Students Said:

“The first day.”

“If both parties are on the same boat.”

“In my perspective, it all comes down to the two people in that relationship making that decision.”

“If you already in the bed, it’s too soon and not true love.”

“When you say it is.”

“Too soon would be on or after the first date.”

“It is never too soon, when you think you’re ready.”

“I say it doesn’t matter, it’s going to be your opinion anyway.”

“Both people must be on the same page. There is no rule on setting a time limit or a date. That is like saying how soon is too soon to die or attend college. They all must be on the same page and have the same feelings.”

“Intimacy between two people can’t be planned. When it happens it happens. But the two people have to be in agreement that both of them are ready for something like that.”

“It depends on the chemistry.”

“It matters not the time you decide to have sex. I do not think you should wait until the food is fully cooked to taste it. You may not like the finished product. Why consider a marriage you may not be happy in?”

“It does not matter to me because I need to know if I can be satisfied up front.”

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