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Acting Workshop a Success!

By Professor Elizabeth Troshanoff

On Monday, October 16th, Monroe students joined Sarah Lawrence College for an Acting Workshop at Gaddy Atrium. The workshop included Myra Mc Phee and Giovanni Kavota, both graduate performing artists at Sarah Lawrence.

The students took part in various acting and theater performance games, including: concentration, pronunciation and diction, scene work and performance improvisation. Many of our Monroe students marveled at the similarities between presentation work and scene work and shared how helpful it was with their current classes. This is the second Sarah Lawrence workshop this year, as earlier in the year, another two performing artists came to join our school. Thanks to Dean Genese and Alina Nazari, it all went smoothly and we hope to continue our relationship with Sarah Lawrence and the performing arts!

Analyis Rodriguez

In the Artist’s Words

This piece I want to name Juan Ventura because this tree is similar to a mango tree we have in Dominican Republic that is in the backyard of my great grandfather’s house.

Acting Workshop

Arts Fest in New Rochelle and Pelham!

Please check out the Arts Fest in New Rochelle and Pelham this weekend! For more information, visit the event’s website here.

Monroe Art Collaborative at The Club Fair

Join  Monroe Art Collaborative President Analyis Rodriguez at the Club Fair on the New Rochelle Campus Thursday, September 27th. It will be held in Franklin Courtyard.

If you’d like to join the club now, you can sign up by doing the following:


The Travel Blog of Rico Neely–Week One

Rico Neely is a Culinary Major at Monroe College. He is currently doing a culinary internship in Italy. Throughout his time there, he will be sending us updates on his travels. In this first addition, Rico leaves the United States.



To whom this may concern:

So, here I am, enjoying life in Italy. This is very surreal! Just the other day, I had to pinch myself because I seriously thought I was in a dream. Looking back on my life, the Rico of last year would’ve envied the Rico of this week alone.

Let’s start from the beginning. Months ago, I was one of the fortunate few chosen to represent Monroe College in Italy at Cast Alimeti. Now, let’s fast forward to about two weeks before September 11 (they day my flight was scheduled to leave for Italy), I along with four others were traveling to Barbados to represent The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, at the Caribbean Junior Dueling Challenge to defend our title as the Caribbean’s Jr. Culinary team of the year. At the airport I got stopped by American immigration because my visa was expiring within this year. Because I wasn’t alarmed about this, I didn’t put a rush it. About a week later, I recognized the severity of having my visa renewed, and as a result, I had to rush to the American embassy to get it done. After being approved, I was told that I would not be able to receive my visa before the 11th with Hurricane Irma coming directly for the islands of the Bahamas. With the anxiety of missing my flight flowing through my body, I was experiencing acute depression. As if it couldn’t have gotten any worse, I was informed by American Airlines that in order to switch the date of my flight, I had to purchase a brand-new ticket (which was a little over $600.00). Thank God for a mother; just when I thought all was lost, my mother came bearing great news; I would still be going to Italy, and we had to pay 0.00! How did she do it? By utilizing the power of persuasion. Just when I thought everything was going down the gutter, there came hope. Hallelujah! Lol!

My flight was scheduled to leave in three days, and everything fell in line. There had to be some type of divine interference.  Ensuring that I hadn’t missed my flight, I went to the airport about seven hours ahead. Yes, seven- it’s a bit obsessive but I had to make sure nothing got messed up along the way. Just as I had prayed, everything fell in line perfectly; I didn’t even feel all those hours. I boarded the airplane. While on this flight, I received amazing customer service and was able to sleep the majority of the flight. From my window view, I was in awe, with my emotional reservoir overflowing as I became captivated by the beauty of the country. How? How can I be in a place be so beautiful? I was soaring over snowy topped mountains, and jovial rivers with my tears barking to be freed as I reminisced on my life, wondering how I was able to experience something like this; actually, being able to do something people dream about. Okay, that’s enough of all the smooshy stuff. I was blown away, that’s all we needed to know. After arriving in Milan, Italy, I got picked up from a taxi service (GoOpti), although my driver tried communicating with me in English, we both couldn’t understand each other. After about what seemed to be ten hours, I finally arrived at my apartment. Upon entering, I was greeted warmly with the words, “welcome”, and “Happy Birthday”- Oh yeah, I arrived on my birthday- pretty awesome. That night, the people I’m living with purchased a cake for me and gave me the full nine yards.

Talented Monroe Artist Analyis Rodriguez

Please welcome Analyis Rodriguez to the Monroe Art Collaborative family! Check out her bio and amazing artwork below! Analyis is a freshman Human Services major on the New Rochelle Campus.






I started talking at the age of one. I learned to cook, clean, make art, and bake by the age of six. I was involved in a chorus, and I was trained to be a lifeguard. I always lead some type of group or program. I am an activist, a Human Services major, and hopefully a future psychologist. I love to help people and show them how to be better people, especially through art. I love to see what people come out with because every piece tells a different story. I am Dominican 18 years of age and raised in the Bronx.

Constitution Day Celebrations!

On Monday, September 18th, 2017 the New Rochelle Campus celebrated Constitution Day! Students wrote out amendments on a “scroll”, and learned facts about our government. Pocket versions of the Constitution were also handed out.

One student said, “I feel that certain aspects of the Constitution should be modified based on societal change.”

Have an opinion? We’d love to hear it!




New Rochelle Art and Technology Event!

City of New Rochelle to Host on Art & Technology Event this Weekend

 As part of the work underway to create a thriving arts and technology culture in downtown New Rochelle, the city is presenting a two-day event this weekend to bring together artists, technologists, and other creative visionaries for a series of classes, workshops, talks, performances, and celebratory activities.

Named The Spectral Event, this unique event next Saturday and Sunday will showcase the role that art, technology, and new media can play in strengthening future communities. The city has invited a number of creative leaders in the fields of creative technology, interactive media, design, urban planning, data science, and the virtual and augmented reality space to lead the various conversations. Monroe College is proud to serve as a sponsor and host for some of the workshops and sessions.

While there is a fee to participate, INTERESTED STUDENTS MAY RECEIVE COMPLIMENTARY ADMISSION  by contacting Dean Carol Genese at (or just drop by the Academic Center in Main Hall).

The New Rochelle Public Library will host keynote addresses both days at 10:30 am and 4:00 pm; these talks are open to the public (no charge).

Interested students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to check out the planned activities.



The Spectral Event




Thank you all for coming to the Open Mic Night Thursday, July 13th! We had a great time at the Barnes and Noble on campus.  A highlight was a rendition of “Alexander Hamilton” from the musical “Hamilton”. Enjoy the pictures and see you at the next event!


Spring Writing Contest: 3rd Place


By Nickoy Montaque

The suffering and pain my mother went through with her battling of diabetes is considered an unforgettable experience. It led to her departure from this life and has given the family a horrible wound. It has been one year and thirteen days and I know it is by God’s help we are getting through such an experience.

In 2012, when my mother began to lose her vision, it started to be very difficult and stressing for the family. I began to feel doubt and become fearful of the worst happening to my mom, which is her going totally blind. The diabetes had started to deteriorate her organs more and more. I was now in 5th Form at school and felt helpless, going all over Jamaica to seek a solution for her to regain her sight. We tried everything requested by doctors but nothing was effective enough, so her sight got worse as the months and the days went by.

In 2014 things started to take a more drastic turn as doctors predicted she was heading down the “End Stage” of diabetes, which is renal failure. I started to take more responsibility regarding her care and made appointments for her to see kidney specialists. I was only eighteen. Luckily, I got in touch with the best kidney specialist on the island and made a consultation appointment. The consultation was very accurate. Her eyes became even worse, causing her to quit her job.  Her vision was down to 15%. That became very stressful on me as I was an only child. I knew school was no longer in play for me. My mom was later placed on a kidney transplant list, as recipient number thirty-five. It was hard but my family and I stuck by her side and gave our support, which led to her being less stressed.

Unfortunately, in late September 2015, she took a drastic turn. Her legs and face were severely swollen, which was a result of one of her kidneys totally shutting down. She had to be admitted in the hospital. Upon starting at home dialysis, it was proving not to be effective on her. I started to be petrified of the worst outcome of death. There was no progression with the treatment. She had okay days of little or no pain, and horrible days of constant pain. In April 2016, both kidneys failed. I became terrified. Doctors spoke of how little was left to be done. On May 11th, 2016, a horror story became real as my mom succumbed to this horrible illness of diabetes.

It has been a year and thirteen days but it still feels like yesterday. My family and I have experienced this. This is a story which has marked my life and motivated me.

Rest in peace, mom.

Nickoy Montaque is a Criminal Justice major here at Monroe College.

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